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First International Forum for Local Economy in the City of Valladolid (Spain)

foroV310[1]Yesterday I took part in the «First International Forum for Local Economy, Creative Cities in the Global Economy» in the City of Valladolid (Spain). It was freezing weather outside the Patio Herreriano Museum, it would not though cool the interest and the ideas started swarming inside..

I would highlight the following:

  • The City Council presented the new Local Innovation Agency for Valladolid that would try to make a difference in order to promote innovation, creativity and new businesses in emerging sectors.
  • Andres Rodriguez Pose, Professor of Economic Geography at the London School of Economics, presented his reseach regarding the evolution of regional and urban economies all over the world. One of the most relevant conclusions, in my opinion, was confirmation of the fact that economic development is actually concentrating in larger urban areas. That would be increasing the differences between the most dinamic regions of each country and the rest.

Two relevant cuestions could be raised at this point:

  • Is that good? Who is responsible for that? Should we try to reverse this situation?
  • Forgetting about that and assuming that scenario as «given», what can be done by medium or small size cities to fight against this process? In fact, be aware that such evolution is currently involving emigration of younger and also more talented people and a continual flow of firms relocating to other major cities in or outside the country.
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